The Totally Waterproof Sneaker

That’s also made from coffee

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100% Waterproof

You heard us correctly. Thanks to our AquaScreen Tech™, you can pour all the

water you want on your shoes, and your feet won’t feel a thing.


'Cause the upper layer allows air to pass through. And rens are moisture-wicking thanks to the coffee and their dry-fast feature. So they absorb all your (inevitable) foot sweat and release it through the fibers and out of the shoe.

And breathable, too

Finally, Some Real Innovation in the Sneaker World

An awesome, durable shoe. That you can do all sorts of fun shoe-stuff with like:

We make rens out of coffee. That’s right.

Your favorite morning beverage is now a shoe.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

‘Cause That Sh*t Matters.

Each pair of shoe is made from 300 grams of coffee waste and 6 recycled plastic bottles

More Awesome Features

We’ll just casually paste them below


1 Year Warranty

100% Vegan

UV Protection Against Color Fading


4-Way Stretch Material


Hand Washable


Lightweight - 460 g (16 oz) per pair

Available in 8 Striking Colors

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Now LIVE on Kickstarter (40% off retail)

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